Channel 4 will take a detailed look at the experience of transitioning from one gender to another.

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“Trans Mission is such an important commission. The bravery, honesty, wit and warmth of the people whose stories we will be telling are a real source of inspiration. To be able to give a small section of Britain’s transgender community the opportunity to share their personal experiences over such a long filming period is truly unique.” – Deputy Head of Features, Channel 4, Alex Menzies

Filmed across two years, Trans Mission will follow a group of people as they each share their own incredibly personal and challenging journey to change gender in this television first. The series will aim to document their experiences from the earliest stages of transitioning and beyond, and offer an intimate perspective on all aspects of their changing lives.

The production aims to follow each significant and potentially life-changing milestone; from the initial decision making process, to the medical consultations and procedures that can follow. Crucially, it will also examine the social and cultural aspects of gender transitioning; be it coming out to family or dating and relationships, and perhaps most significantly; life beyond the transition journey.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to shine a light on an often misrepresented world, allowing those at the very heart of it to tell their own story.” – Andrew Anderson, Executive Producer, RDF Television

Channel 4

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