Hollyoaks and Dallas actress Linda Gray has spoken about swapping South Fork for The Dog in the Pond.

Linda Gray - Hollyoaks

Linda Gray, best remembered as pouty Sue Ellen in prime time ‘super soap’ Dallas, has spoken to ITV’s Good Morning Britain about joining the cast of Channel 4’s teen-aimed serial Hollyoaks. Gray also reflected on her good friend and Dallas co-star, the late Larry Hagman.

In her first TV interview ahead of her role on Hollyoaks, Linda spoke to Richard Arnold from Los Angeles.

“Hollyoaks have wonderful producers and they invited me over and when I saw some of the episodes, I said, ‘perfect, sign me up! I have to go in and just shake it up a little.'”

On her character Tabitha, Linda added “She needs heavy duty, massive amounts of therapy, otherwise we love her. She’s a charmer!” while on understanding the Liverpool accent, Linda said: “It was a little hard to understand the very first day. I was like, ‘excuse me, pardon me, could you say that again?’ Then I was right there..”

Dallas - Sue Ellen and JR

Ratings hit: Dallas was a huge draw for BBC One in the 1980s. Larry Hagman and Linda Gray as JR and Sue Ellen.

Later on the ITV morning show she reflected on her late Dallas co-star Larry Hagman, Linda said:

“He was my dearest friend for 37 years, consummate actor and we miss him terribly. I talked to Patrick [Duffy] the other day, we were all very good friends, they called us the three musketeers and that’s how we felt. Larry still is around, I know he is. He would be very upset that he wasn’t invited on Hollyoaks but he’s living vicariously through me and loving it. But there were always good times with Larry, he lived a life very well lived and we miss him.”

Speaking about the secret to her youthful looks, Linda said: “I feel good. Honestly… people like to say all kinds of things, but I exercise, I eat well, I drink a lot of water and I’m a happy person, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m just thrilled to be alive and on the planet and doing what I love to do, I love to act.”

It isn’t the first time a UK soap has lured over an actress from a ‘super soap’. In 2003 ITV’s Crossroads cast Kate O’Mara in the role of Lady Alice Fox. O’Mara was best remembered as Caress Morell in Dynasty, playing opposite her on-screen sister Alexis Colby – actress Joan Collins.

Dallas TNT 2012 Series 1

The Dallas cast reunited for TNT’s reboot of the series, which aired on Channel 5 in the UK

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