The team behind Exodus: Our Journey to Europe has been commissioned to make a series following the developing stories of migration and the response to the migration crisis.

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“Exodus was a series of tremendous power, engaging with one of the biggest stories of our age with exceptional filmmaking. I want BBC Two to be the home of documentaries that tackle the complexities of the world we live in and I am delighted that the brilliant team behind Exodus are making this new series for our audience.” – Patrick Holland, BBC Two

2015 was the year that one million migrants and refugees travelled to Europe, and their stories were told in BBC Two’s Exodus: Our Journey to Europe, which has won two RTS Craft & Design Awards, two Prix Italia Awards and the Liberty – Human Rights Arts Award, and received great critical acclaim. But what has happened to all those people? How well are they adapting to life in their new homes? And how is their arrival affecting the political mood of the continent?

In this new series, the award winning team behind the first will continue to tell the stories of the biggest human migration since the Second World War. It will follow up with some of the protagonists from the first series, including 12 year old Isra’a from Syria, Sadiq from Afghanistan and Alaigie from Gambia, as well as introducing new characters.

Through their eyes, we will witness the destruction of the Calais jungle, forced deportations, new routes into Europe, and the rise of far right political parties across the continent. Borders may have closed and camps may have been shut down, but people are still coming, and this ongoing migration crisis is profoundly changing the future of Europe.

“The migration crisis has become the biggest story of our generation, and Keo films are delighted that BBC Two is continuing to encourage us to find new and engaging ways of telling it.” – Will Anderson, Keo Films

The three part series will air in hour long episodes on BBC Two.

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