Peter Cook and Dudley Moore recovered footage to be screened on Channel 4

A number of previously lost sketches featuring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, recovered by film archivists, are to be screened as part of a Channel 4 special later this month.

“Channel 4 is hugely proud to be able to showcase and celebrate these precious finds and rediscover what made Pete and Dud so brilliant. The programme promises to be a celebratory look back at two irrepressible British comedy icons at the top of their game.” – Helen Cooke, Commission Editor, Features at Channel 4

The documentary sees fans, friends and old colleagues watch the newly-found clips for the very first time. In the 1970s, some three quarters of the material filmed for Cook and Moore’s BBC TV series Not Only, But Also was wiped from the beeb archives. Many of the sketches were thought to have been lost forever. However, a recent discovery by film archivists uncovered a number of sketches from the UK and Australia, some of which haven’t been seen since they were first broadcast over fifty years ago.

This one-off documentary will include contributions from Not Only, But Also producer Dick Clement, Pete & Dud collaborator Barry Humphries and long-time fans including Richard Ayoade, Josie Lawrence and Ronnie Wood as they sit down to enjoy the sketches and reflect on the career of one of Britain’s most-loved comedy partnerships.

“It’s testament to their writing that these sketches have stood the test of time and I hope this documentary inspires a new generation of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore fans.” – Richard Dean, Phil McIntyre Television

Peter and Dudley’s most famous work aired on the BBC in the sixties, their series Not Only But Also aired with twenty two episodes produced. The BBC only ultimately kept eight, even declining in the 1970s an appeal from Cook to keep the tapes – he even offered to buy new tapes to save the show. The corporation on ‘copyright’ grounds declined. After the beeb Cook and Moore had a less successful television run on ITV with the ATV produced Goodbye Again.

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: The Missing Sketches will air on New Year’s Eve on Channel 4.

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