‘Stone heads’ of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have gone on their own Grand Tour.

Following sightings in Washington State last week, it was reported that the giant heads were planned to be located next to the Space Needle in Seattle, but The Grand Tour twitter channel admitted today that the plan hasn’t quite worked out.

So the heads have been diverted and the three eight foot tall stone statues were paraded through Sydney this morning on a hiab flatbed truck bearing Amazon and The Grand Tour logos.

First seen leaving a boat at White Bay, they were craned onto a freight truck before passing local landmarks including Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge. The Grand Tour will launch on Amazon in Australia and more than 200 countries and territories this month. 

Amazon has not yet revealed the final destination of the statues, but trucks containing other body parts including Jeremy, James and Richard’s arms, legs and crotch have also been spotted. Speculation that epic statues were being erected in Seattle has since turned to Australia, with fans taking to social media to guess where the final resting place of the statues could be.

The Grand Tour can be seen on Amazon Prime.
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