It’s home to the BBC Borehamwood Centre and the famous Elstree Studios, as well as several other media organisations, which the local council have revealed they wish to assist in making Hertfordshire a producers choice for many more productions.

“Where could you catch a glimpse of stars like Angelina Jolie and Jonny Depp, or come across the filming of blockbusters like ‘The King’s Speech and ‘War Horse’?

“Hertfordshire, that’s where. The county already boasts a world class studio infrastructure with Elstree and Leavesden and is a popular choice for location filming. To enhance this reputation and bring even more investment into Hertfordshire, the county council is leading on a project which will simplify the way companies can get permission to film on our roads.” They state.

Currently, getting a road closure in Hertfordshire for filming can be a complex and lengthy process and in some cases is not possible at all because of legal constraints. To simplify this and help companies accurately plan their filming schedules, the county council is seeking to promote an Act of Parliament to make filming in Hertfordshire easier for film and TV companies. The Bill would enable the council to close roads temporarily for filming and to issue permissions to place filming equipment on the highway for short periods of time, with consideration always being given to traffic pressures and the needs of local residents and businesses.

David Lloyd, Cabinet Member for Resources & Economic Well-Being said: “Our county is already a popular choice for film and television production. Securing this Bill would make us one of only two counties outside of London who are able to give permission so swiftly and would give us a competitive advantage in this multi billion pound industry. I would like to thank Morris Bright, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Elstree Studios, for all his work getting this project off the ground. Making the filming process easier in Hertfordshire will help us get even more economic and social benefits for all of our communities.”

A consultation period opened earlier this month and runs until the 31st August 2012 where anyone with a specific interest or concern regarding this proposal is invited to look at the draft Bill and get in touch to discuss their views. The easiest way you can do this is by viewing the consultation online or by contacting the Project Manager Gareth Morgan at or on 01992 555454.

Morris Bright, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Elstree Studios adds, “Hertfordshire in general, and Elstree and Borehamwood in particular, are proud of our great production heritage. Films have been made in our area for almost 100 years. Times change and so does the demand for film and television production with more work than ever before being filmed on location. So we need and want to make it as easy as possible for production companies to come to Hertfordshire and make use of our excellent studio facilities as well as our location settings which are second to none. By making our area even more attractive to the media industry, it will provide a further and much needed boost to our local economies. Well done to Hertfordshire County Council and local authorities for supporting us. It is a great thumbs up for the media sector and one which I know will be well received.”

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