Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman swap roles to mark landmark occasion, airing in the New Year on BBC One.

“I can’t tell you how exciting this is for Richard and me! I imagine it’s probably fairly obvious how much we love making Pointless – but to pass the 1000th episode mark is a great tribute to a show that so many people work so hard on. Long may it prosper!” – Alexander Armstrong

Pointless presenting duo Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are marking 1000 editions of the hit game show with a role reversal that will see, for the first time ever, Richard present from the master podium while Alexander becomes the Pointless friend behind the desk as the keeper of obscure facts and figures.

In this milestone episode some very entertaining Pointless contestants return to the studio. David and Christo step up to the podium as winners of the first ever Pointless jackpot in 2009. David and his son Jon return as winners of the highest jackpot ever at £24,750. Previously Patrick and Sarah achieved a stunning three pointless answers in the final round. While Showbiz’s Trev and Simon were one of the earliest Pointless Celebrities pairings to take home the coveted Pointless jackpot.

To mark the occasion a bigger prize is up for grabs, with £2,500 in the charity jackpot and in keeping with the theme of the show every Pointless answer is worth £1,000.

Since its launch in 2009, the quiz has become one of Britain’s favourite gameshows with both its weekday and Saturday night’s Pointless Celebrities. Following a bumper commission of 165 daytime and 45 primetime celebrity episodes early this year, the gameshow will now pass the 1000 episode mark.

“I’m so delighted that the ridiculous rise and rise of Pointless continues and have loved spending 1000 episodes alongside my TV husband Xander. Swapping roles was a real treat but let’s just say I’m not in a hurry to do it again – Xander’s job is much harder than it looks!” – Richard Osman

Pointless started life on BBC Two before switching to BBC One in 2011. The aim of the show is for contestants to find the least popular answers across a series of categories.

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