Stephen Fry and John Bird star in this hilarious BBC satire set in the cynical world of public relations – where truth is an optional extra and no job is too grubby, so long as it pays well.

Absolute Power – The Complete Series comprises both acclaimed series and is released on DVD thanks to Network.

A re-working of Mark Tavener’s acclaimed Radio 4 comedy series, Absolute Power sees Fry and Bird as Charles Prentiss and Martin McCabe – spinmeisters supreme who run their own top London PR consultancy.

Whether keeping celebrity clients in or out of the tabloids, saving MPs from political oblivion or sugar-coating unpopular government schemes, Prentiss approaches his campaigns with sophistry, cynicism and a withering sarcasm. Occasionally reined in by his older, world-wearier and less amoral partner, the Machiavelli of Prentiss McCabe presides over an office of youthful executives that include the bright but dangerously honest Alison – and Jamie, an equally devious Prentiss-in-waiting.

With punchy, sometimes controversial scripts this series features guest turns from Geoffrey Palmer, Rebecca Front, Tim Brooke-Taylor and John Sessions.

Absolute Power – The Complete Series (15), RRP: £19.99. Released January 30th 2017, courtesy of Network Distributing.

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