Emmerdale airs a dark storyline twist for Rhona and Pierce

Emmerdale’s latest airing on the ITV network saw a dark storyline twist as Rhona (Zoe Henry) was raped by her boyfriend Pierce (Jonathan Wrather).

Touching on the issue of consent in relationships, the shock scenes aired tonight (4 Jan) and saw Pierce force himself on a resistant Rhona in the wake of her turning down his proposal of marriage.

While Rhona was clearly shaken in the aftermath, Pierce acted as though nothing untoward had occurred and suggested a restaurant booking for the following day.

The show will continue to look at the couple’s troubling relationship in upcoming episodes. The soap’s series producer Iain MacLeod recently noted of Pierce and Rhona:

“I think a lot of you out there have started to suspect that Pierce might not be the nice guy everybody seems to think he is, or the nice guy that Rhona seems to think he is.


“In his mind, he’s a normal guy, but actually we start to see a darker side of his personality come out much more obviously that puts Rhona in quite a difficult position and leaves her with some really tough dilemmas to deal with.


“Never far away from this story is Paddy. I think deep down, he’s never going to stop loving Rhona, much as he might have accepted that he’s lost her for good.


“So when she starts to face a really rough time, we have to wonder how he’s going to step in, is he going to step in and what danger might he find himself in as a result of perhaps coming to the rescue of the woman that he once loved?”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, UTV and STV with an additional outing at 8pm on Thursdays.
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