Richard Arnold celebrates two decades with ITV breakfast

ITV have marked two decades of Richard Arnold on breakfast television. The gossip star first appeared on defunct GMTV in 1997.

Richard, a current regular on the revived 1980s breakfast brand, Good Morning Britain.

Arnold has been a regular on ITV screens across the twenty years, apart from a two year gap between 2010 and 2012 when ITV axed him along with most of his GMTV colleagues when the broadcaster launched the dismal Daybreak.

He returned to a revamped Daybreak after executives wooed him back. Seemingly the morning viewers missed his friendly gossip style and camp wit. Daybreak had tried to be as different from GMTV as possible, but this alienated viewers and ratings tumbled. Two Daybreak revamps saw Arnold survive, while main co-hosts changed, and he was retained when ITV launched Good Morning Britain in 2014.

 “It’s that awkward moment when you see your own obit…20 years ago! Where’s it gone guys?” – Richard Arnold

Ditched: Arnold never appeared in the ‘purple’ era of Daybreak, although his celebratory cake contained its logo.

Lured back: Arnold returned to the ‘yellow’ Daybreak, with its GMTV-style format.

Earlier today Good Morning Britain showed Richard a special video montage of archive clips from celebrity interviews including Mariah Carey and Jennifer Aniston and funny moments from across the years. Watching the clip he became emotional as his showbiz friends shared words of praise, including Len Goodman, Christopher Biggins and Linda Gray.

“You know what, you haven’t really changed Richard!” – Kate Garraway, current GMB co-host and former GMTV personality

When Ben Shephard asked if he was nervous on his first day on GMTV all those many years ago, Richard told the studio:

“I was a bag of nerves, because when I came in someone who should remain nameless had actually been let go the week before or had moved on shall we say, and there was a frame or where the picture frame would have been, covered in dust and two wall plugs hanging out the wall. The person had only left on Friday, I thought, ‘this business is brutal’, but I’m still here!”

Later in the show, Richard was surprised further, as he was joined on the sofa by his former Strictly partner Erin Boag, and friends Linda Robson and Sue Cleaver – as well as seeing his Mum and dog Clemmie in the studio.

GMTV days: Arnold in a publicity handout for his showbiz features on Good Morning Television.

More on Richard’s twenty years on ITV breakfast can be found at

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