In Bus Pass Bandits the channel will show life may not start at 65, but its far from over.

“Never has there been a better era in which to grow old disgracefully. In Bus Pass Bandits, our Celebrity cast will discover that for many, life truly does begin at 70…or 80…or even 90” – Channel 4’s Head of Formats Dom Bird

People used to think that hitting 65 years old and retiring meant that life was over and it was time to join the blue rinse brigade. However, in this day and age you’re more likely to see a pensioner starting a new career, growing old disgracefully or travelling around the world.

A new four part series, produced by Liberty Bell for More4, will follow some of the UK’s most lively famous pensioners including John Prescott, Johnny Ball, Eve Pollard, Amanda Barrie and Henry Blofeld, and explore what it means to be an OAP in modern Britain.

John Prescott is best known as being one of Tony Blair’s sidekicks during Labour’s 1990s run in power, and even better known for thumping a member of the public who egged him, while Johnny Ball was a regular on Children’s television in the 1970s and 80s. Opinionated Eve Pollard is best known for her work as a journalist and editor as well as a regular on the news channels as an opinionist, Amanda Barrie spent decades treading the cobbles of Coronation Street as Alma and of course made pulses race in a couple of Carry On films while Henry Blofeld is a popular sports journalist best known for his cricket commentary.

“It’s a funny idea with a serious side.” – Jamie Isaacs, Chief Executive of Avalon Television

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