Channel 4 will examine ‘Fake News’ in a week-long season of programming this February.

The broadcaster notes that it has ‘never been easier to make or make up the news’ in a news landscape dominated by clicks, likes and shares.

“After investigating last year the burgeoning cottage industry producing fake online news, Channel 4 News will explore where fake news comes from and its implications in a number of reports, interviews and discussions, working with its award-winning Fact Check team who’ll be hosting an interactive Q&A on the subject on Facebook Live during ‘Fake News Week’.” – Channel 4

Exposing the darks arts of one of the UK’s most notorious paparazzi photographers, Confessions of a Paparazzo (w/t) is a candid and entertaining insight into the world of celebrity paparazzo and master of deception, George Bamby. The documentary reveals how far George and his apprentice Bilko will go to get lucrative snaps of celebrities and how some of those published are not always what they seem.

Comedian and infamous hoaxer Simon Brodkin made headlines after showering Sepp Blatter in banknotes and storming Kanye West’s stage at Glastonbury. In 2016 Channel 4 gained exclusive access to the comic for a unique documentary Britain’s Greatest Hoaxer that lifts the lid on the months of meticulous planning and preparation it takes to pull off a headline-grabbing stunt.

Finally, a panel of some of the sharpest and funniest minds will dissect some of the outlandish headlines, dodgy photo-shops and all-too-believable viral clips in a one-off comedy panel show, The Fake News Show (w/t).

Fake News Week will be broadcast on Channel 4 and available on All 4 in early February.

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