Five new programmes have been commissioned to air this year on BBC One and Two.

Mornings on BBC One will see new event TV series Holding Back The Years stripped across one week, which looks at life over 60 from the perspective of Maureen Lipman, Arlene Philips, Ainsley Harriot, Bill Turnbull and Angela Rippon each day in turn.

Holding Back The Years is a new series looking at the experiences of growing older in Britain today, and how they’ve changed over the decades. Each episode sees a different 60 plus year old celebrity explore a particular aspect of getting old that interests and affects them most – from relationships and family to health and wellbeing, pensions and money, to simply looking in the mirror and seeing a ‘new’ old you. Through meeting inspirational characters, unearthing long lost archive clips and visiting places that do amazing work helping the elderly, the series seeks to take an uplifting, look at a subject often ignored, while offering fantastic takeout for viewers of all ages.

Also on BBC One mornings The A1 Highwaymen will follow the men and women who work around the clock on Britain’s longest and most iconic road as they strive to keep the traffic moving and the public safe.

Bill Turnbull is back on BBC One daytime

BBC One’s Getting The Builders In is a brand new factual entertainment series that sees the country’s biggest and brashest builders going head-to-head pitching for jobs and bringing homeowners design dreams to life. We’ve all seen programmes about bodger builders and DIY disasters; this is a chance for viewers to see how it should be done and avoid the pitfalls so often associated with the building trade.

Each week our highly-skilled builders will go head to head with each other, pricing up the job and offering their own take on what is needed to complete the task in hand. Once the homeowners pick their favourite builders, the winning team gets to work, whilst the rival teams watch on – giving a cheeky running commentary on their efforts. Expect plenty of banter and friendly competition with real builders, real homeowners and real projects.

BBC One afternoons introduce new quiz show The Boss with Susan Calman and is full of clever questions, cunning contestants and real fun. In each episode, one contestant becomes The Boss and then has to use judgement and tactics, to decide which player is best suited to answer a mixture of general knowledge and brainteaser questions. If they’re not good enough, they won’t stay in power.

Angela Rippon isn’t just co-hosting Rip Off Britain

On BBC Two in the 6.30pm slot The Repair Shop will showcase a workshop of dreams where broken things are brought back to life, featuring an ensemble cast of skilled and passionate crafts people who will welcome punters and their precious objects, putting the beauty back into them. Many of these items will have extraordinary stories and a unique place in history.

The programme’s brilliant master craftsmen and woman can fix anything. Mechanics, horologists, engineers, metal workers and wood restorers will be working side by side in this adrenalin fuelled workshop, restoring much loved possessions to their former glory.

“It’s great news that Susan Calman is joining our line-up on BBC Daytime, she will bring her natural wit and charm to new quiz The Boss where she will put aspiring leaders through their paces and pull them up on any shortcomings. Across these five brand new series for 2017, which are set across the country, we want to intrigue, inform and entertain our audience on subject-matter that is relevant to them.” – Dan McGolpin, BBC boss for commissioning in daytime and peak

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