The UK’s highest bungee jump awaits a group of reality TV stars as they join a national campaign which will see them help raise vital funds for sick and disabled children in the UK.

Frances Wood, who shot to fame on BBC One’s The Voice and ITV’s X Factor duo, Poisonous Twin, are the latest to join Reality Relief, a campaign supported by an ever growing list of celebrities from hit reality TV shows which has already raised over £10,000 to help provide life-changing support for disabled youngsters.

Frances said: “Reality Relief is a fantastic opportunity to help raise the profile of Caudwell Children, the charity behind the campaign, and their crucial work helping change and save the lives of disabled children. When I heard about their Reality Relief bungee challenge I jumped at the chance to get on board and take part.

“I hope people will really get behind the bungee jump and help us make it as successful as possible.”

The celebrities will be plunging 300ft towards the ground at Tatton Park, Greater Manchester on Saturday November 24th, as the latest in a series of sponsored challenges which have tested the nerve of contestants from popular low-brow shows such as Big Brother, The X Factor, The Voice and The Only Way is Essex.

Poisonous Twin member Stephanie added, “We have never done anything like this before but this is a really fantastic opportunity to help raise vital funds that will help change the lives of disabled children.”

Launched by national charity, Caudwell Children, in 2011 Reality Relief aims to help new found stars thrust into the media spotlight use their fan base to help raise funds and make a real difference to the lives of others.

Trudi Beswick, Chief Executive of Caudwell Children, said “These new stars are not only taking on an incredibly brave challenge, they are putting themselves forward to help raise awareness about the additional support desperately needed in the UK for those with disabilities or life threatening conditions.

“Sadly it’s a common misconception that specialist equipment such as powered wheelchairs for disabled children are available on the NHS, when in fact families are expected to pay up to £20,000 for the additional support they need. Reality Relief aims to help new found stars make a real difference and we are thrilled to have them join the campaign.

“We would really like to take this opportunity to wish them the very best of luck and ask that people honour their bravery by supporting their fundraising.”

The stars of reality television take their run and jump on Saturday November 24th at Tatton Park, Greater Manchester.

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