Loose Woman Coleen Nolan wins Winter 2017 Celebrity Big Brother

Tonight Celebrity Big Brother saw the last five face the live final.

‘I’ve never won anything in my life! I feel really really lucky and thankful. Just thank you. I didn’t deserve to win it, I’ve been boring!’ – Coleen Nolan

For the final time this series Emma Willis addressed the house and revealed the runners up and winner of the winter 2017 Celebrity Big Brother. Loose Women co-host Coleen Nolan was announced – somehow and no one seems to know why – as the winner, the runners up in second place were children’s novelty pop act Jedward.

The Nolan Sister singer wasn’t really in the mood for dancing as she admitted she’d been ‘boring’, although no one could have been less animated as James Cosmo.

‘I haven’t gone out there and started rowing, You can’t out play Big Brother, Big Brother is in charge. Horrendous experience, much worse than last time. Big Brother were brutal, the way some people left…so unpredictable.’ – Coleen Nolan

While Irish livewires James and Edward, the notorious ‘Jedward’ were happy to come runners up with the boys noting that they were ‘so happy’ to come second as ‘last time we came third.’

‘We’ve always been free spirited, happy with the experience. We were innocent last time, we were bad ass rock stars this time! We were fully committed in the house!’ – Jedward

Beating the bullies in the ‘gang’ as she saw it, and entertaining thousands of viewers, the How Clean Is Your House star Kim Woodburn came in at a respectable and well deserved third place.

“I’m delighted, I thought I’d be out in about two days… I haven’t got a competitive bone in by body, I’m third, I never thought I’d get that good.” – Kim Woodburn

Fourth out was James Cosmo, who hadn’t exactly set the house on fire so to speak, in fact here at ATV Today Mike Watkins and Shaun Linden pondered during the show if he’d have any decent ‘best bits’ for the montage at all.

“I was absolutely sure I’d be gone the first nomination…. it’s touching for people to be so supportive… Obviously there’s a financial aspect [in doing the show] but I wanted to come in an be part of something that very few people experience. For an actor, it’s great.” – James Cosmo

The next to be booted out of the live final was the the apparent Kim-antagoniser, ‘gang leader’ and great game player Nicola McLean, which no doubt pleased Kim Woodburn immensely by proving to be more popular than the troublesome two in Nicola and Bianca.

“Fifth place, I’m so happy! It was harder but better this time around. I just loved it! Made some really good friends.” – Nicola McLean

The first to leave on the night was Bianca Gascoigne.

‘So surreal, I was scared coming back out! I’m just pleased to be in the final… It was definitely a handful! I knew it was going to be tough. The tasks were quite nasty. I think I’ve coped well and felt I was the most chilled. I’ll miss it.’

The show this year also saw a romance between Bianca and, “adulterer” as Kim Woodburn called him, Jamie O’Hara. Tabloids had reported that Bianca was in a relationship before heading into the Celebrity Big Brother house, but she squashed that romance dead in her eviction interview. The sound of £’s from Hello magazine dropping into Bianca and Jamie’s pockets are ringing through our heads already.

‘It’s not been the same without him. It was difficult. It wasn’t a showmance. I’d like to see how it goes. Hopefully we’ll go on our first date… Things weren’t right before. There was someone but now there isn’t. I never expected to feel the way about Jamie. It was the weirdest situation I’ve been in.’ – Bianca Gascoigne

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