Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby get the Kim Woodburn treatment

Celebrity Big Brother runner up Kim Woodburn has spoken about her experiences on the Channel 5 show with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning.

Speaking exclusively with the ITV show Kim expressed her feelings towards her former housemates and how she found the experience.

Before the interview started Phillip and Holly checked in on the Loose Women and saw Kim and Coleen Nolan together in the link. When Coleen was asked if there was anything she’d like to say to Kim, Coleen smiled and said, ‘No…” Kim replied, “I feel the same way dear”

Phillip, quite confrontational in his tone at the start of the interview, asked what she thinks when she looks back at some of the footage, Kim said, “I look back with sadness that it came to that and I said those things, but I’m not sorry I said them. What was happening to me, you’d have to have been a saint and I’m not. I’ve apologised for using the word beginning with ‘F’ and that’s the only shame I feel.”

On the house and atmosphere, she said, “It was stinking after ten days I went in. Why should I clean it? They lived in stink and filth, the lot of them.”

Talking about her reaction to Chloe splashing her on the first night, “I do not dislike young Chloe, I want to make that clear. Do I think that was a reasonable reaction? For what she’d been doing for two hours beforehand, yes.”

On the night she had to be removed from the Big Brother house, Kim said, “When you go in very late, you’re in for a bit of a wallop anyway…”

Phillip: “But that didn’t happened to Chloe and that didn’t happen to Jessica, they weren’t treated like that.”

Kim: “They weren’t people that wanted to say a word out of place. They wanted to put up with it and I don’t put up with it. Phillip, you were not in there, I know what I went through. I went through hell on earth. They said, ‘get back to your cleaning woman’…”

Phillip: “Well you said worse!”

Holly asked: “Why did you stay in there then? If it was hell on earth?”

Kim replied, “Why should I go and lose a massive sum of money for those bums, naturally I thought of it, would you lose a shedload of money – enough to buy a house – not on your nelly!”

Phillip: “So how much did they pay you?”

Kim: “It’s nothing to do with you – what are they paying you?”

Smiling Phillip said, “Well it’s nothing to do with you either!… But don’t you reckon you’d have got on so much better if you’d just been nicer? If you’d been a nice person?”

Kim replied, “I think I am a nice person. I’d like you to have a word with all the crew I’d ever worked with, I am very very polite.”

Kim, who found fame on Channel 4’s cleaning series How Clean Is Your House? with co-star Aggie MacKenzie (pictured above), went on to discuss Nicola McLean, saying, “She caused everything. A nasty piece of work. When you have seven or eight people that are frightened to offend you… and she’s a force to be reckoned with. But she hasn’t reckoned with me yet. She told me in no uncertain terms and I thought ‘you cheeky madam’, and she said ‘we don’t argue in this house’ and I said ‘says who?’ but it was nothing to do with her was it? She’s not momma of the house.”

Phillip: “But then that sounds like you actually wanted to row…”

Kim: “I don’t want to be bossed around by that stupid woman. I was employed by Channel 5 and I said to Channel 5, if you put me in there, I never look for trouble. But if you bring it to me I will crucify you!” The programme also noted that many This Morning viewers also agreed with Kim that Nicola was worse for rowing and being confrontational.

When asked if Coleen Nolan was a worthy winner, Kim replied, “No I don’t. Because she was as sweet as pie to me all the way through, and little did I know that when she’s on the sofa in the smoking zone, she’s pulling me to pieces! I’m not two-faced.”

Phillip: “So you think Coleen was two-faced?”

Kim: “Well what do you think?”

Phillip replied, “Well I know Coleen, and I actually think she won it because she’s a nice person.”

Kim said, “She’s a horrible person. [Looking at Phil] You’ve got a long time to work on television, I’m 74, if I never got another television show, I couldn’t give a toss! You see, I’m not a diplomat like you. And I am telling you the truth.”

Kim added, “Jedward should have won. And you know why? Those boys were themselves. Honest good boys… It was a cheat.”

When Holly asked if she regretted going in? Kim replied, “I loved the money. Adorable! It beats cleaning lavvies! But no, I may be 74, but don’t mess with me…don’t bully me, I’ve been around for too long.”

Holly said, “I wouldn’t, I’m terrified!”

Phillip said, “Are you saying that we are bullying you?”

Kim, to Phillip, “You are giving me the impression that you don’t know what you’re talking about Phillip. Go in that house for twenty four hours and sit there, then you tell me why I was annoyed.”

Phillip: “I get it, I understand…. But I know why people reacted in the way that they reacted to you because of the way you make me feel sitting on the sofa – you’re already making me feel confrontational… we are just asking you questions, that’s our job!”

Holly said, “This is Big Brother, could we split up the argument that’s happening here!”

Kim: “No you’re not Phil, you big phoney.”

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