The comedy department at Channel 4 have unleashed a further four brand new blaps for the viewing public.

“Blaps are a really exciting opportunity to work with a variety of talented new writers, directors and actors. And the series has a great track record of being the birthplace of many series commissions also. C4’s Comedy Blaps are always innovative, varied and surprising, and this new batch is crammed with brilliant new talent and fresh ideas.” – Nerys Evans, deputy head of Channel 4 comedy

From comedy virgins to established comedy writers and performers, anyone can have their five minutes of fun trying out fresh new ideas that may one day make it to a series commission. E4 commissioned two series of former Blaps, the BAFTA-winning Chewing Gum by Michaela Coel and Bad Robots. The new forthcoming comedy Gameface from Roisin Connaty began life as a Comedy Blap as well. Other alumni from the fold include Marc Wooten, Claudia Doherty, Nick Helm, Sam Simmons, David Earl and many more.

How to Life is a three part series which explores what might happen if one egotistical know-it-all turned his bizarre, everyday life-experiences into a series of spontaneous and, some might say, idiotic “How To” lessons. Comedian Ryan Shelton stars as the host and protagonist in How To Life, a fast moving hybrid of narrative, sketch and surrealism that follows Ryan as he turns his unusual, everyday life experiences into even unusualer life lessons.

In The Educatoror we join a  fast-paced, naturalistic three part comedy series set at a tough, inner city London girls school written by, starring and directed by Paul G Raymond and Luke Manning. Vicki Pepperdine and Jessica Knappet also featuring in the cast. The Educatoror of the title is Arun Jason, an Oxbridge-educated teacher. He’s sensitive, artistically high-minded, and thinks he’s Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society. He leaves his cushy post at a privileged private school, and takes on a new role at a tough, inner-city London school in Tower Hamlets. Overconfident bordering on smug, Arun quickly realises he is out of his depth; the teenage girls at this school are like nothing he’s ever dealt with before.

The Reunion will see the class of 2007, assemble. It’s been a momentous decade since you left St Peter’s school. There have been a few births, a few deaths and all the toilets are now fully working. So now, as the school celebrates its centenary, we welcome you all back in the same room. What could possibly go wrong…?” The Reunion is a three episode comedy set over one extraordinary night at a school reunion written by and starring the award-winning duo, Max Oleskar & Ivan Gonzalez.

And finally We Are Family is the last Blap of the run to date. According to Susie Conway, “the family that roasts together is the most together”. A picture-perfect family, the Conways shot to fame through their hugely popular family dining website. As they clocked up the hits the offers flooded in and Conway’s Cook Books, Conway’s Ready Meals, and an Organic shop followed suit.

But pretty soon the perfect family had become a fame-hungry, cynical, money-grabbing bunch of hypocrites. But who cares? Provided they can keep up the charade of a happy and successful family, the all-important cash-cow brand will remain intact… This production is an 11 minute one-off stand alone episode.

All four Comedy Blaps are available to watch from today (9th February) on All 4. Submissions for the next wave of Blaps re-open in Summer 2017.

“It’s hugely rewarding to give people either their first break with a broadcaster or the opportunity to work up their passion projects to sell their vision. It also allows us to give people a huge amount of creative freedom and that has resulted in some fantastically funny projects starting life.” – Nerys Evans, deputy head of Channel 4 comedy

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