Following tonight’s EastEnders the full version of the song Bex recorded in Tuesday’s edition has been uploaded by the BBC.

The song, Boxed Up Broken Heart, has been written by Gwyneth Herbert and is available on You Tube for fans of ‘Enders to listen to in full. In the storyline viewers have seen Bex write the song after a lot of ups and downs in her life lately. Struggling to find a way to get her feelings and emotions out she turned to lyrics. Jasmine Armfield who plays the character has spoken about the storyline and song.

Can you tell us a little bit about the song?

Bex has written this song because she’s got so much going on in her life. She’s got all these different feelings and all these different emotions. She can’t quite put it all into words so I think her way to get round that is to just put it all into a song and to sing about it instead.

What’s the meaning behind it?

Every lyric has a meaning. It’s not just words, it all has a meaning. It’s been written very beautifully. Each lyric has something behind it to hopefully help Bex and to get through to Shakil, there’s definitely a message in there for him.

What are her feelings about Shakil at the minute?

I think she just needs a chat with him, they need to talk it out. There are so many rumours flying around and so many different things happening. I think Bex needs to hear everything from Shakil, rather than other people, and vice versa. Part of the song is about how Shakil could think Bex would do all that stuff like sending the pictures, Bex would never do that.

Is she hoping Shakil hears the song and understands all of this?

I think she’s hoping so yeah. Hopefully they can talk it all through together.

When did you find out about the song and how did you feel?

I found out quite a while a go now. I was told they wanted Bex to record an original song, and they were getting a singer/songwriter to write it for her. I had a meeting with Gwyneth Herbert, the writer, and we had a huge chat about everything … about Bex’ feelings, her character. That was so helpful for me because that made me bring up all these feelings which she wrote into this beautiful song. I was a bit nervous, don’t get me wrong, but I think nerves are a good thing because it shows you care. I’m really passionate about it. I think it went okay though (laughs).

How much input did you have?

I had a lot of input. I worked really closely with Gwyneth. I was so happy with it though. I was like “this is perfect for Bex”. Everything that Bex is feeling has been put into a song. It was great!

Do you think this could go anywhere for Bex? Is it something we could see again in the future?

You never know! Bex has always been a singer, she’s always loved music. So I think if it led to something else she would be more than happy.

How was it performing the song on camera?

I was a bit nervous. Gwyneth came to watch it and I just wanted to make her proud. Songwriters have this vision of what they want a song to be and you want to live up to that. Because of that I was nervous but that helps in a way. Everyone on set was so lovely. The director was great. It was very calm.

What can we expect from Bex in the next few months?

I think it’s going to be quite hard for Bex in the next few months. She’s having quite a hard time at school and I think she’s very confused. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone; she’s genuinely such a kind-hearted girl. I think sometimes Bex needs to speak up instead of keeping it bottled up. She needs to talk to people and let them know how she’s feeling.

Her friendship with Louise is also going to be tested. Is she her friend? Is she not? Their relationship is very strained. You don’t know where they stand with each other. Is Louise going to stand by Bex or is she going to listen to Madison and Alexandra? I’m interested to see where their friendship is going to go.

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