Bianca Gascoigne spoke earlier to Loose Women about being dumped by Jamie O’Hara after striking up a relationship in the Celebrity Big Brother House.

The pair throughout the series stated their love was real, it wasn’t a ‘for television’ love-in, but after the cameras moved away O’Hara unceremoniously ditched Gascoigne.

“Since I left I’ve had a really hard time, I’ve not been sleeping, my anxiety, the whole lot.”

Discussing her on/off relationship with CJ Meeks before she went into the house, Bianca added that she hates now being known as a two-timer. Even though she said she was single when she went into the CBB show, and didn’t even mention CJ once during the shows run.

“Being labelled a cheat is such a horrible thing to be labelled. I know that’s what happened but I’ve never done that before in my life and I never thought I would ever have that label ever. I couldn’t help my feelings towards Jamie. It just slowly developed. In there everything gets intensified…That’s actually how I am going to be labelled now. Everything’s a mess. Everything’s a big mess at the moment.”

Bianca continued by noting that she ‘never thought’ she would ever have fallen in love while in the Big Brother house and ‘That was just not even in my mindset at all. It just developed after the two weeks of being in there.’ She went on to note that she couldn’t explain the how or why adding ‘it just happened.’

“When I got booked for the programme I was single. We had been on and off and obviously that’s how it stayed throughout the whole way. It was difficult for me even not to talk about it. It was something I struggled with, but that’s just the way it ended up being. I wish it could have been different. But unfortunately it wasn’t and that’s just how it was.”

Of CJ’s thoughts about her taking part in the Channel 5 series, she explained to the Loose Women panel;

“We was on and off. I don’t think he was obviously pleased that I was going in there. But I was always going to go in there because it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. It wasn’t right [the relationship]. Obviously it wasn’t considering what happened with Jamie, it wouldn’t have been right, if that was to develop with Jamie it just shows to me that that really wasn’t right.”

The programme went on to present to Bianca two statements, the first from CJ who had been watching the ITV show.

“Bianca knows the truth and so do I. And, if there was doubt about our relationship she should have said months before, not gone on national television and cheated on me. I’ve done nothing wrong in this situation, she has. I adored her. She has to live with what she’s done. She made her bed, now let her lie in it. As I said previously, I wish her all the best.”

While a statement from O’Hara’s agent stated: “Jamie’s feelings inside the house were genuine. He wishes Bianca all the best.” Bianca said f CJ’s comments that it was ‘tough to hear’, but that she ‘got it’ because he was ‘really, really hurt’. She added that if it had been the other way round she would have been hurt by it too. On Jamie she noted they had planned to meet up but he’d pulled out, then the next day the press reports were out that he’d dumped her.

“I read it online that obviously he’d dumped me. But we kind of wasn’t in a relationship anyway. We didn’t have the labels….It’s just been so negative since I’ve left the house.”

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