Ross Kemp brings to Sky 1 a hard hitting programme which sees the former EastEnders actor travel to North Africa to investigate the migrant crisis.

Actor turned award winning documentary maker Kemp returns to Sky screens with his attentions now focused on what is described as a ‘migrant crisis’ as he explores the arduous journey taken by those desperate to leave Libya in search of a better life elsewhere.

Every month around 10,000 Libyan migrants head for Europe on a dangerous journey across land and sea. Reports of deaths at sea and images of dinghies crammed full of people are often seen in television news broadcasts, but not a lot is known about those fleeing or the life threatening journey to get just to the boats.

And the programme brings us the fact that more people die crossing the Sahara desert to reach the coast than lose their lives once on the water. In this special programme for Sky 1 Ross discovers how the breakdown of Libya is contributing to the migrant crisis affecting Europe.

Kemp takes his journey from the Sahara in the south of the country up to Tripoli and the coast, witnessing the many dangers the migrants encounter along the way, and finding out what atrocities forced them to embark on such a long, tiring and often deadly journey.

Ross Kemp: Libya Migrant’s Hell airs on Tuesday February 21st at 9pm on Sky 1

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