BBC Three, the TV station without a transmitter, is to air, well put online, Taxi To Training.

“Taxi To Training will transport audiences to the passenger seat of a Premier League footballer’s journey to work, balancing candid insight with comedy via some of the Premier League’s famous faces.” – Damian Kavanagh, Controller of BBC Three

BBC Three is to launch Taxi To Training, a candid new eight part series fronted by comedian, choirboy and aspiring goalkeeper, Lloyd Griffith. The series will offer audiences unparalleled access to some of the Premier League’s biggest stars via a behind the scenes taxi ride to their training ground. Whilst on-route in Lloyd’s battered hatchback, the players open up on a personal level, take part in a number of challenges and share a couple of their favourite anecdotes about their fellow professionals.

Episode one featuring Watford FC captain, Troy Deeney is available on BBC Three currently with the remaining seven episodes to follow across the remainder of the online run.

BBC Three was dropped from television screens to save money, money which is now being spent ‘in the nations’ with the arrival of, among other projects, a dedicated BBC Scotland television service.

“If you think professional footballers have a great life working a few hours a day, earning a fortune and having a bit of fun, this series will do nothing to change your mind.” – Tony Pastor, Executive Producer of Goalhanger Films

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