Crimewatch returns to BBC One screens tonight touching on cybercrime, including hacking, fraud and blackmail.

The face of crime is changing. For the first time ever, this year’s national crime survey included statistics about online crime. In this week’s Crimewatch, Jeremy Vine and Tina Daheley return to host an episode, which, alongside the latest appeals, explores the threats cybercrime poses to individuals, businesses and even states by organised hackers.

The national crime survey revealed the full scale of fraud, hacking and blackmail lurking beneath the surface of our ever more internet-dependent lives. There’s no crime scene, no fingerprints, no descriptions and no DNA. With exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the detectives taking on the cyber-criminals, Crimewatch finds out how police are taking on the invisible enemy.

Plus, there’s a new appeal on the murder of Sally Ann John, who went missing from Swindon aged 23 in 1995. Detectives will reveal previously unseen clues on the case including a mysterious postcard supposedly sent by Sally to one of her friends three weeks after she disappeared.

Crimewatch also has the inside story of how one of its previous appeals was solved: that of Georgina Edmonds, 77, who was murdered at her picturesque Hampshire cottage in 2008.

Crimewatch on BBC One, tonight (Monday 20th March 2017) at 9pm

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