In a new All 4 series six of the babies born on Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute are to feature in a documentary looking back at their births.

“The new All 4 series is a fantastic twist on a much loved format and is indicative of the innovation at the heart of the show. It will be filled with the same warmth and life-affirming moments for which this ever popular series is known and which are in abundance in the next Channel 4 series.” – Richard Bond, Creative Director at Dragonfly

Since its launch, the parent programme has seen over 250 births. In a heart-warming run of short features for All 4, six of those children – now at primary school – will have the rare opportunity to witness how they came into the world as they watch their censored One Born footage with their proud and sometimes emotional family.

I Was Born On One Born features familiar One Born faces and their offspring. They will gain an understanding of what their parents went through to get them there and behold their first moments into the world.

The spin-off will hit All 4 this Autumn shortly after the main show returns to Channel 4. The 2017 episodes of One Born Every minute head back once more to the Liverpool Women’s Hospital this April to highlight the extraordinary highs and lows of the day-to-day life in a world where every minute of every hour a baby is born.

A whole new raft of expectant mothers check in to the labour ward including Health Care Assistant at the hospital Olwen, who has a very special delivery as she supports her grand-daughter whilst on the ward. Midwife Sarah also keeps it in the family when she gives birth to twins naturally with her mum, who is also a midwife at the hospital, by her side.

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