Susanna Reid swapped hosting duties to join Good Morning Britain as a guest today and was quick to tease her usual co-host Piers Morgan.

“I love being here on this side [of the sofa]. I love being able to speak. Isn’t it nice? It’s really weird – where’s that voice that normally happens over the top?” – Susanna Reid

The former BBC Breakfast host was on the guest side of the sofa to discuss her new ITV show Save Money: Good Food, Reid and Chef Matt Tebbutt host the series which aims to bring viewers money saving tricks, smart shopping and savvy cooking tips.

Susanna and Matt will reveal the truth about super cheap food and save everyday families thousands of pounds from their food bills by transforming monotonous mid-week meals into aspirational, sumptuous feasts for a fraction of the cost. ITV say the programme will be ‘packed full of money saving recipes and tips, this is the essential guide to how to eat like a king without breaking the bank.’ 

“Sorry, I’m talking over you now. Just call me Piers with better hair…” – Kate Garraway

Despite the lack of opinionated Piers Morgan Susanna admitted she was rather enjoying the experience of being a guest:

“I thought I’d have a lie in this morning, which I did until 5.30am! It’s lovely to be here.”

Talking about the ITV food show Susanna told Good Morning Britain viewers,

“Save Money: Good Food on at 8pm tonight – an hour long special. Food is our highest weekly household expense, but we’re throwing away too much of it. We need tips on how to shop smarter, how to cook smarter. So eight lovely families have asked for some help to cut their food bills, so me and professional chef Matt Tebbutt gate-crash their kitchens, raid their cupboards, their fridges, their freezers and even their bins and then cook them up a feast with what we find.

Reid, added,

“One of the things that we noticed and that we found in people’s bins is that we pay a price for convenience foods. We might buy chopped onions at a pound a pack but actually you can get those onions for 29p you just do the chopping yourself. We’re all into ‘courgetti’ and butternut ‘squashetti’ but actually we’re paying for that to be done. The equivalent of a pound pack of butternut ‘squashetti’ is actually 19p if you do it yourself.”

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