Filmed all in one take on a single camera the unique instalment will be broadcast this Summer.

Written by Casualty co-creator Paul Unwin, “One” will be the first time the ED-based drama has done an episode in this way. The hour-long edition will see Duffy mentor two young girls, Chloe and Diamond, who are on work experience.

“It is so exciting and nerve-wracking to be working on this episode and unlike anything any of us cast or crew have ever attempted before.  It is a brilliant fly on the wall episode in real time, placing nurses central in the storyline. It will become a classic ‘Casualty.” – Cathy Shipton (Nurse Lisa Duffin)

The mobile camera covering A&E and ambulance activity will have to be cable free, a number of rooms in the Ambulance Station have been converted into control rooms for the crew while 40 hidden radio microphones and 5 boom operators, disguised as part of the set, will be responsible for sound the beeb note of the production requirements for the episode.

“This very special episode will give the audience a unique insight into an hour in A&E. It will be an intense, emotional hour where staff and patients are faced with life changing events. We want to reflect the front line in its unedited, rawest form, and this one shot episode with a brilliant script from Casualty creator Paul Unwin, has given us the opportunity to do that.” – Erika Hossington, Series Producer, Casualty

Casualty was co-created by Paul Unwin and Jeremy Brock and is the longest-running emergency medical drama series in the world. The production is made by BBC Studios Wales for BBC One and is filmed at the Roath Lock Studios, Cardiff.

The programme was originally produced in Bristol but re-arrangement of beeb departments saw the saga move to Wales in 2012 although no location change has been made on-screen. Sister show Holby City, launched in 1999, is fictionally set at the same hospital but is recorded at the BBC Elstree studios in Borehamwood. The Holby verse has also seen a police spin-off in Holby Blue.

Cathy Shipton made a full-time return to Casualty as nurse Lisa Duffin last year.
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