James Buckley is to reprise his lead role in Zapped for Dave.

“After a brilliantly inventive and engrossing first run of three episodes we are delighted to be returning to the unique world of Munty for a full six-part series. Dave audiences immediately took to the extraordinary characters created by the fertile minds at Black Dog Television and Baby Cow, and we’re very much looking forward to finding out how Brian’s heroic quest to get home lands him in further trouble.” – Richard Watsham, director of commissioning at UKTV

UKTV’s entertainment channel Dave has announced James Buckley, Sharon Rooney and Paul Kaye will all return for another series of hit fantasy comedy Zapped. The series, produced by Baby Cow Productions, will return with six episodes following the standout success of series one. Zapped averaged 514k individuals across the series, peaking with 607k for episode one. The second series will see editions running in 40 minute slots.

The first run saw Brian (Buckley) grapple with his new surroundings after he was abruptly zapped to a parallel world and the bizarre backwater town of Munty. With the often unhelpful help of wizard Howell (Paul Kaye), Brian tried everything in his might to make it back home, much to soothsayer Barbara’s (Sharon Rooney) crushing dismay. The series concluded with Brian throwing away his only chance to get home in an effort to impress his new love Effandra (Miranda Hennessy). Munty regulars Herman (Louis Emerick) and Steg (Ken Collard) return for more magical madness as the extraordinary clan fight to get Brian back where he belongs…

Over the course of the new series, Brian will clash with orcs, lizardmen, psychopathic Fairies, hipster blood-suckers and worst of all, actors. He’ll experience a terrifying trial by combat, come under attack from deadly stingbugs and celebrate the biggest day in the Munty calendar – the annual Pear Fair.

“I am delighted that UKTV has asked us to travel back to Munty for another six episodes of complete madness. The fantastic cast will return bringing to life the imaginatively funny scripts from the Black Dog boys. I’ll be raising a large Rhubarb Seizure to celebrate!” – Steve Coogan, executive producer

Zapped goes into production in Pinewood in April and will be broadcast on Dave this autumn alongside the much anticipated new series of Red Dwarf XII. The autumn also sees the return of hit UKTV Originals Taskmaster and Dave Gorman Modern Life is Goodish.

Pictured Top: The cast of Zapped with James Buckley centre. Pictured Bottom: Dave Gorman Modern Life is Goodish returns to the channel this year.
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