Actor, and executive producer, Gary Wales from a small village in Scotland, has revealed his latest project, Psychosis.

Gary advances his career from producing and becomes Executive Producer with his latest venture; Psychosis, a new web based series, scheduled to begin filming in New York city in June. Twelve episodes are to be filmed for the first season. Here he takes the acting role of Brian as well as being the show’s Executive Producer.

Gary discovered this gig by networking on social media site Twitter, where he found another production team member by sharing discussions about their work. Hisham Abdel Khalek, Director and producer on Psychosis, was impressed by Gary’s previous works and knew he wanted this rising star’s input to make his project even more professional and polished.

The series follows a group of individuals brought together by a common theme featuring tragic events in their life and a chance to change what has happened and it will be fascinating to see how Gary and his new colleagues portray this topic, which is very often sorely misrepresented in the media.

In his role as Executive Producer Gary helps with promotion on social media and achieving funding for the project. Script improvements are also part of the role and continuity is ensured, overseeing the script supervisor (responsible for outfits matching in each scene right down to where items such as cups are placed etc..).

In this, his latest venture, it will be interesting to see Gary bring his unique style and focus to a story that will most certainly draw in the viewer and hold them spellbound.

You can follow Gary on twitter for updates at: @GaryAWales and you can keep up to date with Psychosis on his website at:
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