Thanks to three London charities and British Airways a group of youngsters enjoyed a special trip to Disneyland Paris earlier this week.

“It’s absolutely amazing being at Disneyland Paris – seeing everyone’s faces and everyone is so excited to be here and there is something really genuine about it. I can’t believe it has been 25 years – where has the time gone- they have gone from strength to strength and it feels good being here as it is such a special place. Places like this and days like this are rare for people, so for them to come here and have an amazing day out and just forget about all the cares in the world and just enjoy themselves is lovely  The charities are incredible and the children that I have met so far have been so sweet.” – Alesha Dixon

Forty deserving youngsters found time to sparkle as they jetted off with British Airways from London City Airport earlier this week to join in the 25th anniversary celebrations at Disneyland Paris. The children and adults from three London charities were joined by some famous friends including Britain’s Got Talent‘s Alesha Dixon, singer and TV personality Stacey Solomon, former EastEnders actor Joe Swash, choreographer and TV personality Louie Spence and TOWIE star Lydia Bright, for the magical day out.

“So lovely being here at Disneyland Paris – it’s such a magical place and with all the lovely children as well – it’s just a really lovely experience. I think coming to Disneyland Paris with a group of children from different children’s charities is great – gives you such a wonderful feeling  I can believe Disneyland Paris is 25 years old – I have been here every year since it opened. Disneyland Paris to me means family – watching family films, Mary Poppins. SS – it’s a place to escape – I use DLP as my safe place so if I’m ever feeling worried or nervous – I always stick on a movie. I did have a bit of sing song of Be Our Guest from Beauty & Beast on the plane.” – Stacey Solomon

Stacey’s boyfriend, actor turned ITV2 presenter Joe added: “It’s amazing bringing the kids from local charities – you get a sense of excitement off of them – it kinds of bleeds into us lot.”  

This is the fourth year that BA and Disneyland Paris have teamed up to organise a day trip direct from the Docklands and this year it was children from Body and Soul, Fight for Peace and Oasis Children’s Venture who joined the fun. All three charities are supported by Flying Start, British Airways’ global charity partnership with Comic Relief. Since the partnership’s launch in 2010 the airline has raised more than £14.5 million to help sick and disadvantaged young individuals around the world.

“It’s fantastic – we have come here with all these wonderful people and we are going to have fun. I can’t believe Disneyland Paris is 25 years old because I must have been about two when this was just created – so yes times just flies with me being just 27 It’s fantastic being here with the children from local charities – I mean some of them it is their first trip abroad and what a treat to come to such a fun day out – it’s such a fantastic place and a fantastic thing to do with all of these children. Anyone who knows me… I do think I live my life a bit Disney-fied.” – Louie Spence

This week’s special passengers flew to Paris on the private flight for the day in Disneyland Paris where they enjoyed a personal meet and greet with some of the characters, including Mickey Mouse, lunch with the stars, an afternoon on the attractions and ‘Disney Stars on Parade’ – a brand new parade to mark the park’s 25th anniversary, before an evening flight home.

“It’s very exciting being at DLP today for the 25th Anniversary – I came here almost four years ago for the 20th Anniversary with all the family – it’s really good to be a DLP again. It’s good to fun and have fun for the day. It’s fantastic being with the kids and all the charities- seeing all their faces light up when we pulled into the entrance – giving them a chance to experience somewhere like Disneyland Paris is just amazing. They are all just so happy to be here. It’s like a symbol of your childhood – we all grew up watching Disney movies and getting lost in the magic and the imagination – I think that is what childhood is all about – just having your own imagination. We just feel like kids again. I can’t believe Disneyland Paris is 25 years old – it looks like you are on a film set, all sparkling – it’s fake.” – Lydia Bright

Community outreach and charitable giving has been a priority activity for Disneyland Paris since the resort opened in 1992.

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