Carmen Sandiego, a new animated programme, will air on the streaming service Netflix in 2019.

Gina Rodriguez will voice the lead character of Carmen Sandiego and Finn Wolfhard also lends his oral tones to the production as Player, Carmen’s chief accomplice and friend. In the upcoming animated series produced by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Carmen Sandiego is back and ready for a new crop of international capers packed with, what Netflix say, will be a host of thrilling adventure and intrigue.

This fresh take presents an intimate look into Carmen’s past where viewers will not only follow her escapades but also learn who in the world is Carmen Sandiego and why she became a super thief.

Currently twenty episodes have been commissioned by Netflix and will air as 22-minute programmes. The animated series is produced by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for Netflix.

Carmen Sandiego began back in 1985 as a series of educational video games developed by American gaming company Broderbund. Since those early days the brand has become a popular media franchise which has seen further ventures including three previous television series’ before the Netflix commission. Two took the format of a game show, with the final outing an animated production over twenty years ago. The most recent video game with the character was released in 2015.

The original plot revolved around the fictional titular villain, and international master thief of the same name, who as ringleader of the criminal organisation, V.I.L.E., is the lead protagonists towards the agents of the ACME Detective Agency who, along with the game player, attempt to thwart the crooks’ plans to steal treasures from around the world, with the ultimate goal to capture Carmen Sandiego herself.

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