ITV weather presenter Laura Tobin announces pregnancy during live weather report.

Good Morning Britain’s Laura Tobin announced she’s expecting a baby during her live weather report on the programme this morning.

“As we head into September things will be blooming but it won’t just be my [floral] dress, because I’m very pleased to let everybody know that, come the end of October, I’ll be having my own little ray of sunshine… I am having a baby.” – Laura Tobin

She continued: “And I would like to say that nobody knows – none of my family, my aunties, uncles, cousins, no one in the Met Office. My parents, my husband’s parents and our editor Neil [know].”

The ITV presenter, who has been with Good Morning Britain since it launched in 2014, was congratulated by her co-hosts including Piers Morgan, who commented;

“You look blooming marvellous Laura and we’re thrilled for you. Great news…  I can forecast endless sleepless nights but lots of joy.”

Former BBC Breakfast host, and GMB co-anchor with Morgan, Susanna Reid added: “I’ve got a little tear in my eye Laura. I think that’s the best, the best.”

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