Euronews revamps its format as it aims to be an “international media outlet”.

“Thanks to a substantial investment in Euronews core capabilities and operations, we are creating a robust, agile and innovative organisation to become the first Glocal News brand by reinventing our approach to broadcast journalism from production to distribution. With our vision of acting 360°, encompassing digital and TV, we will be deeper, faster and more video-centric, generating adapted content and format across platforms that make sense to specific audience via customized market strategy.” – Michael Peters, CEO

From today Euronews begins a new era of investment which, the broadcaster aims to start a transformation into the world’s first Glocal news brand, bringing variations across its output to adapt to the expectations of its multiple local audiences.

To succeed, Euronews is to reinvent its broadcast and digital offer whilst strengthening its core editorial positioning. To go even further in delivering on its ‘All Views’ mission, the organisation has embarked upon an innovative new strategy to stay ahead of consumer needs in today’s news landscape by customising its offer for audiences, operators and advertisers.

Euronews has today (May 10th) begun a key phase in the implementation of its NEXT strategic plan, after a one year-development, investing in its digital transformation and delivering its new daily news offer by rethinking its journalism and production workflow, while reshaping its distribution model. From May 10th to the 24th, this new strategy will see the end of the multiplex (one video signal in several languages) that has been at the core of the Euronews offer since its inception in 1993. This multiplex will be replaced by the launch of 12 distinct premium cross platform editions to meet the rapidly changing demand of consumers.

“With Euronews NEXT, customization is at the heart of this transformation. Euronews will adapt its output to the needs of the consumer it serves, empowering the uniqueness of our multiculturalism… Because we are living in a world of infobesity fed by content proliferation, and polarized points of view, at Euronews we have a strong belief that featuring the diversity of viewpoints is the best answer for a balanced coverage. And in the current climate, we are convinced that it is more crucial than ever to let our audience forge their own opinion.” Michael Peters CEO

This transformation aims to reinforce its commitment to a European perspective on global affairs and fully realise the long established editorial philosophy of offering all angles on a story. In response to a world of infobesity, Euronews has a strong belief in being able to empower audiences to forge their own opinion, by delivering all perspectives on what is making the headlines. Sharing contrasting ideas, opinions, diverse viewpoints and experts’ analysis will fight demagogy and the so called ‘post-truth’ politics. That is the ultimate ‘All Views’ editorial mission, the broadcaster notes.

The different editions will enable Euronews to deliver tailored content that will make sense to each audience. This does not mean Euronews will operate as a local news service, but will instead be the first truly gloCal international news offer.

Alongside content created for all editions, each team will produce specific stories to resonate with their audience’s interests and tastes. Moreover, those stories will be available to the other editions, creating an inspiring network of connections within the newsroom and the audience.  All these different content sources will combine to create a rich and exciting European perspective on events, truly unique to Euronews.

To support this transformation, an ambitious five-month training programme is currently being undertaken enabling a large scale skills upgrade for 430 journalists and technical staff. In line with the reinvention of its viewer offerings, Euronews is resetting its commercial strategy, with a new organisation, enhanced product offer and innovative content solutions to respond to the changing needs of the advertising market.

“At Euronews, we aim to empower people instead of imposing a unilateral perspective upon them. Our mission and our team reflect our European DNA “United in diversity”. That is why Euronews is the best qualified news brand in the world able to really share and analyse the diverse opinions on events. Because all views matter, Euronews is All Views.” – Michael Peters, CEO

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