London: Houses of Parliment

The Scottish National Party have lost a case they put in the Court of Session to stop the broadcast of the third Prime Ministerial Debate which takes place this Thursday.

The SNP had complained that the BBC had broken their own rules of the charter on impartiality. SNP, along with the Welsh nationalist Plaid Cymru have said on the record that they should have been included in the first ever debates.

Speaking after the result, SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon said that they were disappointed with the result. SNP leader Alex Salmond has come into criticism as to why he decided to take action now, but nothing against ITV or Sky, which have already aired their debates.

All three network have aired various Scottish debates, centralising on first ministers of the respective nations. The final Prime Ministerial takes place tomorrow, hosted by the BBC and available for free to other broadcasters around the world.

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