CBBC revive Saturday morning magazine show format

CBBC is to launch a new live Saturday morning magazine show, Live and Dangerous.

Phillip Schofield co-hosted Going Live! with Sarah Greene from 1987 to 1993.

“The presentation team are the beating heart of CBBC and their expanded role on Saturday mornings to deliver a live extravaganza will cause great excitement for our audience.” – Cheryl Taylor, CBBC Controller

The buckets of gunge are at the ready, celebrity invites are being sent out and kids should expect the unexpected as CBBC launches a live entertainment extravaganza every Saturday morning from the Autumn the beeb have today announced. Broadcast live from MediaCityUK each weekend, viewers in the studio and at home will also get the chance to interact all morning – quizzing pop stars and playing games on the CBBC digital platforms.

The presenters are still to be confirmed but it is highly likely that CBBC favourite Hacker T. Dog will be on hand to add his own unique take to proceedings each week.

“Oh yes, cockers! I’m reet excited …although I’ll have to record Saturday Kitchen from now on!” – Hacker T. Dog commenting on Twitter

The return to the Saturday live magazine format, originally broadcast on BBC One, is the first attempt to revive the long running tradition since The Saturday Show departed screens in 2005. The corporation has had numerous successful morning shows for younger viewers, starting with Swap Shop which launched with Noel Edmonds as host in 1976. It was followed by the Mike Reid fronted Saturday Superstore in 1982 and in 1987 the format that would become the mainstay of BBC One Saturday mornings, Going Live! with Phillip Schofield and Sarah Greene. It was followed in 1993 by Live & Kicking, which only began to falter when ITV launched the Ant and Dec fronted SM:TV.

Are you ready for it cockers? Hacker T. Dog will be brining his unique humour to Saturday mornings on CBBC.

It had been ITV who had ventured into the magazine mayhem format first when ATV launched Tiswas in 1974, however originally nothing more than in-vision links, the production grew, eventually becoming the notorious programme the nation now hold dear in its hearts as a televisual children’s classic. Tiswas was fronted by Chris Tarrant, John Gorman and Sally James along with a host of show pals including Jim Davidson, Lenny Henry and Frank Carson to name only a few.

Continuing the tradition of these iconic Saturday morning programmes Live and Dangerous will be packed full of celebrity guests, games, sketches, gunge and some of CBBC’s favourite shows. Before the arrival of Tiswas Saturday morning entertainment, containing the same kind of humour and slapstick, had been reserved only for those fortunate enough to be able to afford to attend a Saturday morning picture club which cinemas across the UK offered children each week. These clubs, like picture going itself, fell into decline when television lured away the audiences with the promise of big name guests, live music, comedy features and cartoons.

“We have been using new technology to connect with the 6-12s for some time now and I’m proud to be in a position to offer unique live participation opportunities which will make CBBC an even more special destination on Saturdays.” – Cheryl Taylor, CBBC Controller

Live and Dangerous will broadcast over twelve weeks, in an hour and fifty minutes long format, on Saturday mornings from September 2017 on CBBC. BBC Two and CBBC had previous revived Swap Shop back in 2008. Presented by Barney Harwood, the show’s co-host was the infamous Basil Brush. However the reworked Swap Shop aired only in an hour-long format over its three series.

Tarrant on the telly: ATV’s Tiswas was broadcast live from Birmingham with main host Chris Tarrant overseeing the naughtiness.
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