Jeremy Paxman to host Channel 4 ‘Alternative Election Night’ coverage

Jeremy Paxman is to also interview Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn for Channel 4.

“I look forward to putting some of the voters’ concerns to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn… However many know-it-alls say they’re confident about the outcome, they could be wrong. After all, the pollsters ballsed- up the last election, and the last two referendums. On the night, there will be fascinating stories to tell. Parts of the map could be repainted. Some household names may be saying ‘sayonara’. I wouldn’t take anything much for granted.” – Jeremy Paxman

As the polls close on June 8th Jeremy Paxman, David Mitchell and Richard Osman will host Channel 4’s Alternative Election Night, the all-night feast of reaction, comment and analysis as the results of this snap election come in. Paxman, Osman and Mitchell had previously hosted an election programme for the broadcaster in 2015.

Paxman, Mitchell and Osman will be joined by a host of guests in the studio and around the country with their take on the unfolding story. Jeremy will preside over round table debates providing hard-edged commentary on the political story. Richard Osman and David Mitchell will be on hand to provide their own incisively funny interpretation of events, with additional analysis from Channel 4 News presenters Cathy Newman and Gary Gibbon joining in the studio. The Channel 4 News reporting team will also be on the ground in key electoral battlegrounds, reporting right through the night and bringing the latest news and results along with expert guests.

Channel 4 is teaming up with Sky News to broadcast May v Corbyn Live: The Battle for Number 10. On Monday 29th May at 8.30pm. Both networks will broadcast the live 90-minute programme simultaneously in which the chief contenders for Prime Minister – Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn – will be interviewed, for the first time in front of a live studio television audience.

Channel 4’s election night anchor Jeremy Paxman will interview both May and Corbyn individually; allowing viewers to hear directly from the two party leaders. Sky News Political Editor Faisal Islam will moderate as questions from the audience are put to the two leaders.

Other programmes to air include The Last Leg: The Results Show, which sees a live two-hour extravaganza with Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe as the satirical comedy takes a look at, and rounds up, the biggest talking points of the night. And The Fake News Show returns as the myth-busting comedy panel show takes a peek behind the wobbly façade of fake news, dissect the upcoming election and its outlandish headlines, alternative facts, dodgy Photo-shops and all-too-believable viral clips that have pushed post-truth to the front pages.

“Channel 4 has a strong track record of bringing elections alive, particularly for young audiences. This time we’re combining tough-talking current affairs with comedy and entertainment to really engage viewers with the big issues. Jeremy interviewing the two main candidates promises to be the must watch moment of the campaign.” – Channel 4’s Chief Creative Officer Jay Hunt

Jeremy Paxman was a regular presenter on BBC Two’s Newsnight from 1989 to 2014
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  1. Last one in 2015 was worth a watch. Will make a change again from should-have-retired-years-ago Dimbleby and the nonsensical efforts ITV come up wit.

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