Channel 5’s news output today revealed contents of letters written by child murderer Ian Brady in the weeks leading up to his death.

5 News Correspondent Julian Druker was sent twenty-five letters from Brady at Ashworth high-security hospital over the last four years. But most of their contents were unbroadcast, until now. Over ten thousand words he slowly charted his demise, but never showed remorse for his depraved crimes of the 1960s.

In his final letter to 5 News – written on 9th March – he makes two pointed references to death. ‘I’m permanently bedridden. Always thought I’d die healthy!’, he exclaims. Later on he adds, ‘We live to die and rise to fall’.

His final comment references the barely legible scrawl he wrote, ‘PS. Excuse bedridden handwriting’. It was in a letter to 5 News that 79-year-old Brady revealed he was dying. On the 25th November last year he wrote ‘The lung and chest condition is terminal’.

But it is his comments from 14th January 2017, which now seem the most prophetic. Knowing he was dying, Brady reflects,

‘What my life may have been had I abided by the law? Doubtless as hopeless, repressed and depressed as the majority under Thatcher and Blair’.

In his own words, Brady reflects on more than fifty years in prisons and hospitals. Looking back in March 2014, he wrote, ‘The fact that I’ve served half a century of hostile captivity which I shall die in, testifies to the voracity of my predictions and the absence of any regrets’.

Glasgow-born Brady had been held at Ashworth High Secure Hospital since 1985 and died at 6.03pm last night. It is unclear how many victims Brady, and the equally as involved late Myra Hindley, actually were responsible for, however the depraved pair are known to have killed at least five; two teens and three children. The events took place in the Manchester area between July 1963 and October 1965. The victims, Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Lesley Ann Downey, Edward Evans and Keith Bennett – the latter whose body has never been recovered.

In April 1966 the pair stood trial and the jury found Brady guilty of all three murders and Hindley guilty of the murders of Downey and Evans. Nineteen years later Brady confesssed to the murders of Pauline Reade and Keith Bennett. The pair were sentenced to life in prison, with Hindley dying in 2002.

Channel 5 will air a special programme, tonight at 10pm, Ian Brady: 50 Years Behind Bars

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