On Monday Sky Atlantic returns to the town of Twin Peaks.

Tomorrow (Monday May 22nd) Sky Atlantic is to screen the first episode in a brand new series of what has become a cult series – Twin Peaks. The latest episodes have been written by original creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, and returns to the quaint ‘northwestern town’ in America twenty seven years on since viewers first ventured into the eerie, and at times very strange, place. The programme first aired stateside on ABC back in April 1990. UK viewers first got a chance to see the production in October the same year, when it debuted on BBC Two.

The return is to air with a feature length premiere on Sky, with parts one and two screened at 2am on Monday May 22nd and Tuesday May 23rd at 9pm. The screenings are in sync with their stateside broadcasts , now airing on Showtime, to keep spoilers and surprises fully loaded.

The original story saw viewers wondering ‘who-dunnit’ when the town of Twin Peaks was turned upside down following the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer. Her corpse was discovered in early 1989, when a logger uncovered her naked body by the banks of a river on the outskirts of the town. Alongside Laura was badly injured Ronette Pulaski, who was suffering from a number of issues including memory loss. ‘The grim find launched an unforgettable murder investigation, which now, nearly thirty years on, sees the mystery around Laura’s demise in 1989 opened up once more’, Sky Atlantic have proudly noted.

Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper in the original Twin Peaks series.

Kyle reprises his role as Dale, for the third series of Twin Peaks.

Kyle MacLachlan reprises his role as FBI agent Dale Cooper, who lead the investigation the first time round for Miss Palmer’s killer, and through whom the towns dubious secrets were gradually exposed.

Cooper informed the community that Laura’s death matched the signature of a killer who murdered another girl in southwestern Washington in 1988, and that the evidence indicates the killer lives in Twin Peaks. Over the course of thirty episodes, spread across two series, viewers moved on from just wondering who had killed the young woman, as more stories and plots from the town came to the fore. In the series her murderer was eventually revealed to be her father, Layland (who had been possessed). However viewers were to be kept on a promise when Laura’s creepy doppelganger informed Agent Cooper that she would “see you again in 25 years,”.

Well that time has now arrived…

A prequel movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, was released in 1992. Bringing some of the back story to the big screen, focusing on the weeks up to Laura’s demise.

Twin Peak, the new series, begins tomorrow, Monday May 22nd, on Sky Atlantic

2017: The Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department is once more full of busy.

1989: The murder of Laura Palmer shocked the Twin Peaks community.
Information provided by Sky Atlantic. Images, Sky Press Centre.
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