EXCLUSIVE: The BBC has confirmed to ATV News that Spooks Code 9 will not be returning for a second series on BBC Three.

Spooks Code 9 will not be returning to BBC Three after the BBC opted not to renew the spin-off series for a second season. Spooks Code 9 was a spin-off from the popular BBC One spy drama, Spooks, and was set in 2012 following a group of young spies in a UK devastated by a nuclear attack in London.

The series opened with good ratings but these declined across its run and reviews for the series were mostly negative. The BBC confirmed this morning to ATV Today that the series was not being renewed.

“The writers of Spooks Code 9, Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham, have decided to concentrate on new projects, so Spooks Code 9 will not be returning to BBC Three.” BBC Spokersperson confirming axe to ATV News Network

Spooks Code 9 was from the team behind Life On Mars and Spooks with writers Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham being on the team for the series.

Last week it was confirmed another series written and created by the two, Bonekickers, had also been dropped from the BBC after just one series.

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