BoldVoices is a new half hour programme being made by 68 local young people exploring social issues as diverse as joy riding and homelessness to air on ITV Northern Ireland.

Peter Weil, Producer, BoldFace Productions, which provides film production training to young people and their communities, says: “I was immensely impressed by the high level of filmmaking the BoldVoices team showed. I’m thrilled that as a result of our partnership with UTV it will be possible to give these films a far wider audience than we had ever thought possible. All those involved were given specific training to develop technical and creative skills to make these short films.”

BoldFace Productions and UTV linked up with the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland Voices Initiative based in Derry and Belfast to give local young people the chance to voice their concerns on current issues.  Six groups of young people aged 14-25 worked together to produce the short films which make up the programme entitled: What is Gay; Travellers; We Are Not All The Same; I Am Homeless; It’s Not Joy-Riding; Don’t Shh… Domestic Abuse and The Beauty of Difference.

Michael Wilson, Managing Director, UTV, said, “As a public service broadcaster UTV is keen to represent all sections of our community. We are delighted to give these talented young people the opportunity to show their films to a mainstream Northern Ireland audience.  BoldVoices will give our viewers a real insight into the issues these young film makers are concerned about and we are proud to showcase their work and nurture future talent.”

The series will be shown on UTV on Thursday 4th August at 11.05pm.

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