Above Suspicion and Kidnap & Ransom Axed By ITV?

ITV has reportedly axed two drama series’: Above Suspicion and Kidnap & Ransom.

According to TVWise the broadcaster has decided not to order additional seasons of either drama. Above Suspicion has aired four seasons on ITV1 based on the novels by Lynda La Plante.

The drama series stars Ciarian Hinds and Kelly Reilly. Following the first season each subsequent series received its own title; The Red Dahlia, Deadly Intent and most recently Silent Scream which aired earlier this year on ITV1. The first three seasons were aired over consecutive nights on the broadcaster but the fourth changed to a weekly format.

Kidnap and Ransom starred Trevor Eve as a hostage negotiator; two seasons of the drama were produced. The first aired in January 2011 and averaged 5.9 million viewers across the three episodes. ITV ordered a second series with the setting shifted from South Africa to India. The second series averaged 5.4 million viewers – a slight drop on the first season. Kidnap & Ransom also starred Helen Baxendale, Amara Karan and Natasha Little while Eve also served as executive producer.

Yesterday it was reported that ITV had ordered a third season of detective drama Scott and Bailey with filming due to begin in November though this has yet to be officially announced/confirmed.

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7 Replies to “Above Suspicion and Kidnap & Ransom Axed By ITV?”

  1. Why has ITV axed one of the best and watchable crime series on the box. Superb performances by all the crew including the marvellous and talented Ciaran hinds and co-star Keilly Reilly. It has been nominated by TC Choice for Best drama series and Ciaran nominated for Best Actor so why axe the next series.

    A most dissapointed devoted Ciaran hinds fan…..we want Above Suspcion back NOW!!!

  2. ‘Shocked’. .is an understatement. That’s right. ITV ..Cut your own throats…cancelling two of the best Drama Series on TV. I really do despair…. You have the magnificent Ciaran Hinds playing Jimmy Langton (superbly) in Above Suspicion and the excellent Trevor Eve (Dominic King) in Kidnap & Ransom. Am I missing something here? I know Above Suspicion had excellent viewing figures and would say that it is one of the outstanding dramas on television today, but sadly not tomorrow. I don’t get this…Lynda La Plante seemed keen to continue, the actors seem a pretty tight outfit and the viewing audience love it. What the hell is going on?

    ITV … please rethink your strategy..if you have one?

    Did you watch The Red Dahlia? Simon Williams was bloody amazing portraying the perverted psychopath/sociopath Charles Wickenham , Jason Durr put in a cracking performance…utterly believable and first class. Ciaran Hinds can act anyone off the screen in his sleep!

    Any decent drama seems to be forced off the TV by ‘reality’ fodder. Saturday nights are truly appalling.. AS & K&R both nominated for TV Awards for Best Drama Series and Best Actor. WHY lose a winning format and why leave a series with much more to give, including Lynda La Plante’s marvellous writing? Please do not let this series go.

    P***** off does n’t even go near!

  3. Why let ‘Above Suspicion’ go, when it obviously has so much more to give, not to mention the wonderful writing and characterisation from Lynda La Plante.
    Viewing figures since it’s inception are;
    The first part attracted high audience figures of 6.8 million viewers.[2] The Daily Telegraph called the show “Lynda La Plante’s younger, sassier successor to Prime Suspect.”[3] Audience viewership figures increased to 7.3 million in the second and concluding installment.[4]
    Red Dahlia
    The first episode was watched by 6.8 million viewers (26% of all viewers), taking the 9pm slot from its main rival, the return of the BBC series Hustle.[5] The program was reviewed favourably by The Daily Telegraph, with a request for “More please.”
    Deadly Intent
    The first episode opened with 5.495 million viewers on ITV1, a 19.5% share, with another 326,000 on ITV1 HD. It was narrowly beaten by BBC One’s new series of Silent Witness which, with 5.877 million viewers, had a 20.9% share of the 9-10pm audience.[7]
    Silent Scream
    Ciaran Hinds as DCS James Langton (Above Suspicion: Silent Scream) … ITV1 to primetime victory last night, overnight audience figures indicate. … drama drew an audience of 5.3 million despite the hot weather in the UK.
    Above Suspicion eased ITV1 to primetime victory last night, overnight audience figures indicate.

    The 9pm drama notched up 5.69m (21.9%) with a further 208k (1.1%) on +1 to beat BBC One’s lineup of The Royal Bodyguard and Mrs Brown’s Boys in the same timeslot. 8pm’s Cornwall with Caroline Quentin was watched by 3.85m (14.7%) with 165k (0.6%) on timeshift.
    I think this is a diabolical decision by ITV and I hope they rethink their strategy, I am in favour of new drama but I also strongly believe you should also hold on to a good thing. Do the viewing figures not show how popular this crime series is?

  4. I’ve only seen one episode of Above Suspicion and loved it. I obviously missed it the first time around. I do hope that it will come back soon, the characters are great and I can’t wait for it to return. My husband feels the same way.

  5. I missed silent scream on tv and have been checking sites to see when it will be repeated and now
    it is to be axed I cannot beleive it. I have the dvd`s of Deadly intent, Red dahlia and Above suspicion 1and i can play them over and over they are all brilliant.With all the repeats we have to endure why are these not repeated more often. If Silent scream is not to be repeated then I hope it will be put in the shops for all Lynda La Plantes fans will be able to purchase with all her other wonderful drama`s on the books and the dvd`s. I suppose her new book Backlash will not be made into a series, it is a great read and would make a wonderful programme for tv.

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