ITVThe once golden boys of ITV may have lost their shine as Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway sinks to a new ratings low on Saturday night. Could the Geordie Duo’s bubble have burst?

They were once the golden boys of ITV who drew in big ratings for the broadcaster but now there shine itvseems have worn off for some viewers and Geordie Duo Ant and Dec saw another bad night ratings wise for their ITV game-show. On Saturday evening Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway sank to a new love with just 5.2 million viewers tuning in. However, a closure look at the ratings reveal that their show started with just 4.4 million viewers before rising to 5.2 million. Since the show returned earlier this year audiences have been ebbing away week after week due to strong competition from the BBC. On BBC One the final episode of Let’s Dance for Comic Relief, which was won by Robert Webb, drew a hefty 7.9 million viewers while Casualty was seen by 5.9 million viewers.

It’s not the best of time for the Duo’s pulling powers, audience wise, to be fading as their golden handcuff deal with ITV runs out later this year and ITV has already warned its highest paid talent it simply cannot afford to pay them so much. With Ant and Dec’s show losing ratings ITV may decide to cut their losses and axe it all together.

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