BBCThe dark series starring Martin Shaw as a priest continues on BBC One.




Episode Four BBC One, Thursday 4th December. 9pm.  

BBCFather Jacob is called to a woman’s health clinic where supernatural forces seem to be at work, as the drama continues. Sister Ruth is concerned about his involvement. Jacob passes a group of disabled rights protestors outside. One of these protestors later approaches Michael and tells him they served together in Bosnia and that Satan wants him back amongst the fold.  

Meanwhile, when a 15-year-old girl named Lisa turns up at the clinic for treatment, Jacob is reminded of the prophecy of a Satanic Annunciation that he learnt about during his night in prison. Jacob’s attempt to exorcise Lisa in the operating theatre is a terrifying reminder of Satan’s power at work. Once she has recovered, Lisa identifies her former partner, Craig, as one of the protestors. However, when Jacob visits him he doesn’t seem to exhibit any signs of possession. Jacob discovers that someone has been tampering with Craig’s medication to use him as a vessel for Satan, but he is still unable to get to the bottom of the mystery…


Martin Shaw is Father Jacob, Siobhan Finneran is Sister Ruth, Rick Warden is Michael, Jo Woodcock is Lisa and Andy Dear is Craig.






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