UKTV via its Gold channel will explore the impact of one of the most influential British sitcoms of all time.

“I can think of no other sit-com that has had a larger influence on modern comedy than The Young Ones. And while watching it in glorious HD may not have the same illicit thrill as watching it on some dodgy VHS passed around the playground most fans of the show’s eyesight isn’t what it was so it’s probably for the best. For true fans of the show may I suggest watching it with a youngster and enjoy the repetition of the phrase ‘so that’s where that comes from.'” – Joe McVey, commissioning executive

Gold is to air two retrospectives, How The Young Ones Changed Comedy and The Young Ones’ 20 Greatest Moments. Produced by North One, they will examine the anarchic show’s enduring legacy, its success in opening the floodgates for an entire generation of household name comedians and how it inspired many of today’s comic stars.

How The Young Ones Changed Comedy will combine archive footage with revelations from many of the stars who were involved both in front of and behind the camera, such as Nigel Planer, Alexei Sayle, John Lloyd, Paul Jackson, Lise Mayer, while comedians that followed in its wake such as David Baddiel, Charlie Higson, Clive Anderson and Richard Herring will discuss how it influenced them and galvanised the British comedy scene. Meanwhile, The Young Ones’ 20 Greatest Moments will count down the finest scenes from the show, as selected by comedians and industry experts.

How The Young Ones Changed Comedy and The Young Ones’ 20 Greatest Moments are just the latest UKTV Original retrospectives for Gold, following the huge success of The Story of Only Fools and Horses and the upcoming dinnerladies diaries. Gold continues to commission programming from and about the cream of British comedy, with last year’s UKTV Original Murder on The Blackpool Express becoming the channel’s highest-ever rating show.

“We know Gold viewers loved our retrospective on Only Fools and Horses and are eagerly awaiting our forthcoming documentary about dinnerladies. With The Young Ones proving to be a real shot in the arm for British comedy, it will be fascinating to revisit.” – Steve North, director of commissioning

How The Young Ones Changed Comedy  and The Young Ones’ 20 Greatest Moments will both air on Gold in the spring.
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