The in-laws are coming to E4.

‘Everyone can recall that nerve-wracking first time they met the in-laws. But what if the make or break moment is already taking place and you have no idea?’ – E4

For new E4 series BAEwatch, legendary production company Thames has teamed up with Motion Content Group to test unsuspecting couples who not only think that they have the perfect relationship, but also believe that they are away on a romantic break just for two. Unbeknown to them, this is a couple’s holiday like no other, as they will be secretly observed and set challenges by the in-laws they are yet to meet.

Each self-contained episode sees one oblivious couple fly out to a luxury villa and challenged to prove how strong their relationship is with every cringey comment, every awkward PDA and every last squabble being fed back to their in-laws.

“We are so excited to bring this new dating show with a sunshine twist to E4. We decided to take the moment you meet your in-laws and explode it E4 style to create a truly funny, cringey and memorable show. We are going to see the Instagram generation completely unfiltered in front of the people they want to impress the most.” – Phil Harris, Creative Director, Thames

The series sees both sets of parents meet up to discuss their offspring’s relationship and their holiday antics before finally surprising the blissfully unaware couple face to face. The unsuspecting pair will discover just how much they’ve been watched as they view back the most cringeworthy moments of their holiday as one big happy family.

With the chance for first impressions out the window, cameras will follow as the baes try to impress their in-laws enough to be invited over for Sunday lunch. However, it could all go sour and may end up being struck off the Christmas card list forever.

BAEwatch, as its currently titled – it may as yet be changed, will air across eight episodes to be scheduled by E4 in hour-long slots. The co-production comes from Thames (part of Fremantle in the UK) and Motion Content Group.

 “For some meeting the in-laws is the most stressful part of getting serious in love. The amazing team at Thames have found a unique way for families to interrogate the love in their off-spring’s lives, and the results of the hilarious secret tests will have viewers hiding behind their cushions and thanking their lucky stars it’s not them.” – Martin Oxley, Executive Producer, Motion Content Group

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