Troubled teen Lauren Branning sparks panic in tonight’s episode of EastEnders when she climbs out of an upstairs window.

As we reported earlier this month, Lauren makes her perilous attempt to abscond from home after mum Tanya places her under house arrest in order to tackle her excessive drinking.

Here are some newly released images taking a look behind the scenes of the soap’s latest stunt while actress Jacqueline Jossa talks about what it was like to film and how she felt afterwards.

EastEnders - Stunt

Unable to leave and realising that Tanya has rid the house of her alcohol supplies Lauren’s desperation for a drink intensifies leading her to climb out of the upstairs window.

“I thought I was going to be more scared than I actually was. I watched the stunt woman perform it and then I had a go. I felt really comfortable but I was a bit worried about Jake not catching me at the bottom!” – Jossa

EastEnders - Stunt

Tanya is frantic when she sees her daughter attempting to climb down and the situation becomes more tense when Lauren loses her footing and has to be helped to safety by Max.

“It took a while to perform and film the stunt as it needed careful planning. I was in the harness a lot longer than I thought I would be however it was really exciting to be performing my own stunt.” – Jossa

EastEnders - Stunt

Tanya comes rushing out of the house but Lauren runs off before either of them can stop her.

“I felt great afterwards but it did take a lot of energy to do and my arms were aching the next day. I enjoyed the whole process and would love to take part in another stunt again.

“I’m extremely privileged to be a part of this storyline and feel that it’s important to highlight the issues surrounded by young people.” – Jossa

EastEnders - Stunt

EastEnders airs tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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