Stella PriceMichelle Collins has described her Coronation Street departure as ‘anti-climactic’.

The 51-year-old actress recently filmed her final scenes as Stella Price for the show having announced her intention to leave the role in August last year.

In a new interview with The Sunday Mirror’s Notebook magazine, Collins revealed:

“You have to go with what the producer wants and when they know you’re leaving, they’re not going to invest massively in your character.


“My final scene was leaving in a taxi and it was a bit anti-climactic, as it was 10.15pm and bloody cold. I was quite emotional all day.


“She [Stella] decides she hasn’t got over the Karl thing and the love life isn’t going to plan, so she goes to New York to stay with an old friend – who I’ve never spoken about in my entire life as Stella but suddenly she’s my best mate.”

Collins will release her autobiography This Is Me on April, 3. The book will chart her early career as a singer before moving on to soap stardom when she landed the role of soap bitch Cindy in EastEnders in 1988.

Collins spent a decade playing home wrecking Cindy who made long-suffering hubby Ian Beale’s (Adam Woodyatt) life a misery in the BBC One show. She went on to play the lead role in a number of dramas and carve out a successful stage career, before taking on the role of Rovers landlady Stella in 2011.

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