It’s the start of a new term for the pupils and staff of Waterloo Road and the arrival of the Barry clan at the school turns heads.

Waterloo Road Barry Family

Michael is pleased with the opening of his new Pupil Referral Unit – a department that will take on difficult children who have been expelled elsewhere.

However, Waterloo Road may find it has bitten off more than it can chew as the Barry clan arrive at the school. The troublesome family is headed by Carol Barry; a no-nonsense kind of woman.

Meanwhile tough teacher Nikki Boston returns to the school and is soon locking horns with one of the students.

Waterloo Road airs tonight at 8.00pm on BBC One.

Watch a clip for tonight’s episode here >>

Starring: Alex Newman, Zoe Lucker, Heather Pearce, Jason Done, Laurie Brett, Mark Benton, Tommy Knight, Melanie Hill, Abby Mavers, Carl Au, Brogan Ellis and Taylor Rhys.

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