Splash-Tom-Daley-ITVSplash! may have performed well in the ratings, but the programme became the joke of the night online as people took to social networks to mock Tom Daley’s new show where minor celebs are taught to dive. In our ATV Poll, we’re asking was it a telly smash or trash?

ITV’s attempt at a ratings banker on the back of the 2012 London-hosted Olympic Games (and Tom Daley’s sex appeal) was met with bemusement and mocking as Twitter and Facebook exploded with put-downs.

The five-part diving series with celebrities of the calabere of TOWIE ‘stars’ sees teenage Olympian Tom Daley teach the personalities how to dive. Hosted by Vernon Kaye and Gabby Logan the broadcaster was hoping for another instant hit, but the format to many seems to have flopped. Two dives, which took seconds, were spread out over practically half an hour, leaving bored viewers to tweet their views.

The consolation is of course, it can’t be as bad as BBC One’s Don’t Scare The Hare… cant it?

In an MSN user poll already 77%* of people said they’d not be retuning back in to drool over scantily clad TV stars learning to dive while on Yahoo 64%** asked said it was one of the worst television programmes they’d ever seen.

ATV Today’s showbiz reporter Queenie was vocal online on Saturday night but told us today, “What I said on Saturday still stands. We have executives in television who come out of University who have as much actual talent for broadcasting as the bits of paper they’re issued.

“Watching a recent documentary on Stanley Baxter reaffirmed my belief that telly was better when producers and directors progressed up from the live shows of theatre, not media studies. Those old executives had worked years with audiences and knew what they wanted. These days I doubt they actually care so much about delivering quality content  as long as the reality/celebrity obsessed low brows tune in and give large ratings to shows with little thought or effort put into them.”

Queenie wasn’t alone as this selection of Twitter shows with well-known names and ITV viewers all chipping in. Some even suggesting its ‘so bad, its good’ which couldn’t even be said for That Antony Cotton Show.

@RazorTelevision: There is more filler in this #Splash show than every branch of B&Q.

@dannywallace: This is like a 1970s entertainment show from a former Communist state.

@OwenJones84: I’m embarrassed. You’re embarrassed. The judges are embarrassed. The “celebrities” are embarrassed. Everyone is embarrassed.

@MisterVivian: Tom Daley: “So what did you think of #Splash ?” Reply: “You’re beautiful” – Sums it up really

@TheMediaTweets: How drunk do they get at ITV before a brainstorm!?

@richardpbacon: We’ve had our sarcastic fun. But let’s admit that in it’s own mysterious way, it’s strangely enjoyable. If not utterly compelling.

@EyeGandy: Splash drinking game.:  1. Drink every time you see something cringeworthy. 2. If you’re still alive by the end of the show, you win.

@thisisjoeob: I think I’d rather watch and listen to 50 minutes of bars and tone rather than #splash

@HoltChris: This must officially go down as one of the worst programmes to have ever been aired. Make them dive into custard dressed as clowns

@Simone_Hearts: The only thing that could make this awful programme even remotely entertaining would be a great white shark.

@Charliebabes tweeted: Why is it in slow motion? Why is everyone wearing shorts? Why is Jo Brand a judge on a diving show? I am so confused by Splash.

@pauljchambers: It’s like every new light entertainment show has been dreamt up by Alan Partridge #splash

@HylandIan: By the way, #Splash is scheduled to be on for five weeks. FIVE. Not laughing now are you?

@Markgatiss: ‘Strictly’ moistened/ Barrel scraped/ Vernon’s eyes/quiet desperation #splash

@ChrisMorgan10 added: Thought this was one of those ‘100 Worst ITV Shows’…then realised it’s just ITV’s line-up for tonight.

@craigazey: Oh dear, someone’s been scraping the idea’s barrel! #Splash

@BenFoster: This could be the worst/most embarrassing thing ive ever seen on my television.

And former GMTV reporter Sarah Moore tweeted that she was embarrassed to have worked for ITV having seen Splash! That is quite an achievement to be worse than GMTV’s lowest ebb.

*at time of publication 3,744 polled by MSN had said the show was a turn-off. **at the time of publication 1301 polled by Yahoo were negative about the production.

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