ATV Today’s U.S Shows Predictions: How Did We Do?

At the end of March we made a number of predictions about which American television shows we thought would be cancelled by their respective broadcasters. With the fate’s all broadcast shows now decided we take a look at how spot on or far off our predictions were.

Just a quick glance at our predictions back in March reveal a mixture of correct guesses and wrong ones – but overall we didn’t think we did too badly.

We predicted that ABC would cancel The River and that The CW would cancel Sarah Michelle Gellar drama Ringer but then who didn’t predict that? We might be our own worst critics here but both cancellations were pretty obvious and were tipped for the axe by quite a few web sites. The cancellations of Bent and Breaking In were also predicted by us – and everyone else.

J.J Abram’s Fox series Alcatraz was ditched by Fox as we predicted; to be honest it had the numbers for renewal but we felt correctly it wouldn’t be given a second chance. It’s ratings declined week-on-week and the renewal of fellow J.J Abrams show Fringe probably pretty much sealed Alcatraz‘s fate.

We wrong predicted the demise of Nikita; The CW surprisingly gave the Maggie Q drama a third season perhaps because it’s a good international seller. The cost of Nikita‘s renewal though was new drama The Secret Circle which we were pretty confidently believed would get a second season – so we got that very wrong! But then so did quite a few others.

We kind of got Cougar Town right and wrong; we said it would be cancelled which it was but we didn’t predict anyone else would step in and save the comedy. TBS started talks with ABC before the comedy was even cancelled and just one week later a deal had been done.

Harry’s Law was a show we felt was more likely for cancellation but we weren’t quite ready to write it off completely. In the event NBC axed the Kathy Bates drama because of its low 18-49 rating which is a shame because overall its ratings were pretty good. We wrongly tipped CSI: NY for the axe other sibling spin-off CSI: Miami but it was a difficult call. We were confident one CSI series would be cancelled but actually predicting which one was tough.

As for Fringe it was another show we said was more likely to be cancelled but we were not going to predict it would be – mostly because it has survived the axe before. Fringe is a show which ratings and costs should automatically result in cancellation but its loyal fan-base, strong DVR figures and media buzz is its ‘get out of jail card’. So we were right not to predict outright cancellation.

So overall we got five completely right, two semi-right and two wrong and one semi-wrong.

[Written by Doug Lambert and James Ryder]

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