The Phoenix Arts Club plans August reopening

The Phoenix Arts Club will be one of the first theatre venues to reopen for live indoor socially distanced performances next month.

The star sign most likely to become a reality TV star has been researched

You’re most likely to become a reality TV star if you’re born between April 20th – May 20th a look into star signs and fame has revealed.

TV Weekly: ‘We all need to call the press out on the way they spin things’

TV Weekly, our little newswrap of telly news from the past seven days or so with Agony Aunt Vivian Summers.

Surge in searches for psychics during lockdown

PsychicWorld recently found that during lockdown there has been a huge surge in searches for psychics.

Stacey Solomon champions new parents to be eco-friendly

The campaign has been launched after findings discovered sustainability ‘goes out the window’ for couples after having a baby.

Nicola Adams and Ella Baig on ‘troll tackling’

Nicola Adams OBE and her beauty blogger girlfriend Ella Baig have spoken about dealing with online abuse.

TV Weekly: ‘let my beautiful daughter rest in peace’

ATV Today’s weekly round-up of telly news, newswrapped into one bitesize bundle update.

REWIND: April 2020

For the final run this series, as Vivian Summers stays in lockdown with a large supply of Vodka and cola, a look back at the showbiz highlights of April 2020.

REWIND: March 2020

Rewinding showbiz highlights from March 2020 with TV Critic Vivian Summers. This issue contains mild language.

Communication network pulls together to build resilience in light of COVID-19

Some of the UK’s leading communications professionals attended a virtual meeting today (19 March 2020) to share advice and ideas around the economic and business implications of Coronavirus.