Barack Obama Attends LGBT Fundraising Event

American President Barack Obama has attended an LGBT fundraising event in Beverley Hills with the purpose of raising funds for his election campaign.

Later this year Americans will go to the polls to vote on who should be the next President of their country; the incumbent Barack Obama or his Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Ahead of the Presidential elections fundraising events are taking place to raise funds for Obama to fight for re-election. His Republican counter-part will hold similar fundraising events to boost the coffers at his disposal but its unlikely Mitt Romney will attend a fund-raising event similar to the that Obama attended last night.

Obama attended an all-star funding raising Gala in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, but noticeably it was an LGBT event. Ever since Obama publicly endorsed gay marriage earlier this year the LGBT community have rallied to his re-election course which is hardly surprising given the anti-gay views of most Republicans. Last night’s event in Beverly Hills was to raise money from the Hollywood LGBT community who were quick to give their backing to Obama after he gave his backing to their fight for marriage equality.

Last night’s fundraising event was attended by notable members of the LGBT community such as screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, George Takei, Lance Bass, Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnick, Jane Lynch, Chaz Bono, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ricky Strauss and Ellen DeGeneres.

Following the fundraiser the President travelled to the home of Glee & The New Normal creator Ryan Murphy for a fundraising dinner which 70 people attended and reportedly each donated $25,000 to dine with Obama. Amongst those at the dinner, according to The Hollywood Reporter, were Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Jane Lynch, Darren Criss and Simpson’s actress Yeardley Smith.

The Republican party will be keen to take advantage of Obama’s new found closeness with the LGBT community in its campaign against the President. However, a new survey has revealed that up to 73% of young people support marriage equality. The poll by CNN/ORC found support overall for gay marriage was at 54% but rose to 73% for those aged between 18 – 34.

Despite strong opposition for same-sex marriage from Republicans and ultra-conservative religious quarters support for gay marriage is broadly on the rise.

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